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Vanessa Treverrow
Founder and business owner

As a reformed clutterer, I bring a unique perspective - I spent years living with clutter and I understand the “stuff” is an outward manifestation of something else. I also understand how it can hinder your life and hold you hostage. My intention is to help you uncover and address these underlying patterns while, of course, sorting out your “stuff”. The end goal is to help you create a fundamental shift to make space for life.


I also work with another group of people - those for whom a life event has disrupted their generally uncluttered existence. Injury, illness, promotion, starting a business, getting married, getting divorced, having a child or becoming an empty-nester, losing a loved one, caring for elderly parents or people living with a disability, moving house or simply trying to balance the forces of time can change your capacity and energy to stay uncluttered.