Cluttered home. Cluttered workplace. Cluttered schedule. Cluttered mind. 

It doesn't have to be this way. 

I understand. I spent years living with the daily weight of too much. The impact stretched well beyond overfilled cupboards and drawers to reach insidiously into my health and wellbeing, into my sense of happiness and into my time and energy. The impact of a cluttered life is far greater than you may imagine. 

It doesn't have to be this way. 

The key to letting go of clutter is understanding why you attract it, why you hold onto it and why you want to make a change. The beautiful secret is that once you learn let go of clutter, it opens the way for so much more to flow in your life. 

Are you ready to experience the time, energy and freedom of an uncluttered life? 



In home & in office

A single space. 
A single room. 
A whole house.
A workspace.

Sydney's northern beaches, lower north shore and upper north shore. If you are outside these areas, Simply Decluttered can help you online or connect you to a professional organiser in your area. 




Geography is no boundary to help you unclutter your space and your life.

Online decluttering coaching can motivate you to take action, keep you on track and move you forward when you feel stuck. 

If you're short on time or short on budget this can be a beautiful option. 



From small playgroups to community groups, workshops and broader audiences. Simply Decluttered will tailor a presentation or workshop for your group.