No one approach for everyone. I work to find something that works for you.

Here's a taste of a few transformations that have helped my clients. 

Alison's wardrobe
"I cannot tell you how nice it was to walk into my room this morning and so easily choose clothes I love and that I know will fit. I'm looking forward to getting home and tackling the rest of my winter clothes and then my shoes. Thank you so much!" 

Evie's room
This is the bedroom of a wonderfully artistic, creative and energetic eight year old girl. It was important for her to have space to create, room to move and a place for her beloved jewellery. We organised the items that really mattered to her and let go of so many more. 

Evie's mum and I worked together on the room, with Evie's permission. 

"Evie raced in from school to see her room. I heard her crying and was worried until I saw her face. Happy tears! She LOVED the jewellery area and that you found her favourite pendant. Now her brother is asking for you to help with his room."

I checked in with her mum nearly two months after the consultation and was thrilled to hear her daughter is maintaining her own space. "Evie said it was easy now that it's neat and tidy. She tends to just leave a few things on the floor, but not for long."


Kirrillie's family home
Kirrillie's family had to work through a lifetime of collecting and treasuring things in preparation for moving. 

"I appreciated the balance of decluttering material items, working through the mental barriers, and providing practical suggestions for where to donate, sell, recycle or dispose of the decluttered items."

Two months later I received this message out of the blue, "I was thinking of you today. Life is remarkably smooth without all our stuff."