Onsite decluttering

Help me with this beautiful mess

Initial engagement
Onsite at your home or workspace. The initial engagement is $300 for up to three hours an includes a carload of donatable items taken for charity. We'll work as we talk, work as we make plans and you'll experience relief from that overwhelmed feeling from the very first engagement. 

Subsequent hours
Simplicity is a beautiful thing. Subsequent hours are charged at $100/hour. A nice, round number - how gorgeous!

A little note - subcontractor rates (if needed) will vary so rest assured we will discuss these if needed. 

Feeling committed?
Take a peek at the beautiful bonus just two columns over. If you're ready to commit to really making a difference to your cluttered life, jump in and give yourself relief from the eleventh hour.



Online coaching

Beautifully flexible
My favourite! 

Online coaching for decluttering, organising and simplifying your home, workplace, life and mental clutter is the ultimate in flexibility. 

If you have a phone or an internet connection, you have all you need. So let's get started! 

Initial engagement
If this is our very first consultation, we will lock in an hour to understand the scope and what you'd like to see shift and change. Naturally, simplicity wins for me so the fee is just the same as the other hours $100.  

Subsequent hours
Now for the beautiful part ... subsequent hours may not even be hours! Once we are underway, you may just need a half hour top up or a flexible arrangement in discrete blocks. The options are endless and they all return to the same point ... the gorgeous simplicity of the nice round $100/hour. If only life were always this easy! 

It's a beautiful deal

Beautiful bonus
Book and pay for 10 hours upfront and your 11th hour is completely free.

I love simplicity and multiples of 10 are just gorgeous! I also know the eleventh hour carries the lyrical weight of change under pressure, and that's exactly the kind of pressure we want to relieve. So for every 10 hour block booked and prepaid, you receive an 11th hour free.

Just making your day a little more beautiful. 


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